Kamis, 12 Juli 2012

Troubleshooter Computer

  • Blue Screen (BSDO) : 
Here are some common fixed for blue screen : Blue screen can be caused by a number of different things. First go to your computer manufacturer's website, find the drivers and download section, and download and update all drivers for your computer. After you update the drivers, reboot and see if that fixed it. If not, a good place to start is a memory test. In Windows 7 and Vista you can go to start, type windows memory diagnostic in the search, than click on it and run it. You will need to replace the bad stick of memory if any errors are detected.
  • Computer Is Slow :
Here are some tips to speed up your computer : The most common reason for a slow computer is too much running in the background.
To clear some background processes press and hold the windows key (Has the windows flag on it) and press R. In the run box type msconfig. Now click on that startup tab and click disable all. You can look through the list and recheck a few such as security software, but the more you leave unchecked the better you computer will run. When you are done click apply and restart the computer.
  • Windows not starting :
Here are some steps to try : In Safe Mode, go to start, programs, accessories, system tools, system restore. Try restoring your computer to a point that it was working. If that doesn't work, boot back into safe mode, press and hold the windows key( has the windows flag on it ) then press R. You should get a run box. Type msconfig in the run box and press enter. Click on the services tab, check hide all microsoft service, than click disable all. Now apply the changes and try reboot back into safe mode, but this time choose safe mode with Networking. In safe mode go to your computermanufacturer's(HP, Dell,etc), find the drivers and downloads section, and download all the drivers for your specific model. Now reboot again and see if it work. If this still does not work, we will need to do a repair install/startup repair. To do a startup repair we will need your operating system disk (XP, Vista, Windows 7). Put the CD in your computer, turn off the computer, turn the computer back on, watch foe a screen that says press and any key to boot from CD, and make sure you press a key right when you see that. If you do not see the press any key screen, you will need to go to into the bios and change to boot sequence so that the CD-Rom drive is first. This will be different depending on which operating system you have.


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