Sabtu, 22 Maret 2014

Software Untuk Menghitung Arus Dalam Jaringan

Elplek calculates all currents in a network in the case of different faults
(three phase fault, line to line fault, line to earth fault, line to line to earth fault).

The initial short circuit currents Ik" can be calculated either using the
superposition method, or according to the IEC 60909 standard ( IEC with some
minor limitations.

The steady state current Ik is not calculated, for example.) The pre fault state for the superposition method can be taken from a load flow calculation, or from a straightforward solution of the network.

If the initial state is calculated with the superposition method, then the currents are calculated as a function of time after the occurrence of the
fault. In addition, the activation of protection relays is displayed.